Friday Reflections – March 31

Last night JP made spaghetti and meatballs for dinner as part of a school project. It turned out really well and besides a few burnt fingertips, I think we may have a new cook in the family.

The sun is finally peeking out from the clouds and the daffodils are in full bloom. This week has had its ups (before mentioned daffodils, open-minded children, morning show with amazing coffee and lots of friends) and its downs (a stubborn receptionist, a late night fight and cramming to finish a school project). I come to the end of the week with a sigh of relief but also with the feeling that I really experienced and lived what we call LIFE. I hope your week was full of love and laughter as well. Enjoy Friday!

This cake was a team effort. My mother-in-law sweetly had the cake baked and the party decorations up (the dining room was floor to ceiling Pokemon!) It was definitely a birthday to remember. Happy 7th Birthday Kai!
Spring in a vase.
I made Turkey Minestrone Soup from Rustic Joyful Food and it was so tasty. The recipe called for ditalini pasta but I wasn’t able to find it and was going to get the small elbows instead. A quick Google search informed me that there are certain pastas that are specifically for soup so I looked again and spied this cute alphabet pasta on the top shelf. So fun!
The local radio station KEXP is constantly streaming in our house and going to their new home down by the Space Needle has been on our list of places to go. They have in-studio performances almost daily that are free to the public. Tuesday morning we finally made it down and it was absolutely amazing. La Marzocca coffee is exceptional and seeing Kate Tempest live was riveting. Her thought provoking lyrics and emotional energy is mind blowing.
I love this collection of plants at my wonderful friend’s house. I was in need of some emotional comfort that morning and left her home feeling cared for and recharged.
Leave it to Martha to get this cleaning procrastinator to dig out the vacuum and get to work on ridding the house of dust. Her article on how many chemicals are in dust and the “right” way to dust and vacuum (start from the ceiling and move down to the floors) was what I needed to get motivated for a bit of spring cleaning.

Friday Reflections – March 24

Spring finally arrived and we are so excited! Today my little guy turns 7 years old and my heart is bursting with love and pride. I hope you have had a wonderful week and have been able to slow down and appreciate the small joys that every day life brings as well.

Happy Friday Friends!

The wooden eggs my children and I painted with friends and they are right in the middle of the table to remind me that Spring is here!


Spring soccer has begun! Bring on the mud.
I finally picked up the March cookbook club book and boy is it amazing. Hoping I have the time to make a few of these gems – mainly the pistachio cream and banana bites. Yum!
Finished all the marshmallow fondant for the birthday boy’s cake. Fingers crossed it will be as good as the picture I found on the internet. Ha!


This is all that is left of the play date party we had at the park. I just love seeing all the handmade cards, they just melt my heart.

Friday Reflections – March 17

Each week has its share of small joys sprinkled in among the dishes and struggles. I thought I’d share some of mine and would love to hear about yours. Happy Friday Friends!


Kai was invited to his first roller skating party and had such a fun time flying around the rink.


JP came to the grocery store with me after school and was so helpful. He also decided he wanted to try a red pepper. Celebrate the small victories friends!


We had a fun play date painting wooden eggs. My friend and I decided to take after the children and just Mix it up, use LOTS of gold and everything will be ok.


Pecan tassies always remind me of mini pecan pies, which is my absolute favorite pie. I’ve been wanting to make them and realized that Pi Day would be the perfect time. I love the cream cheese crust and the nutty caramel filling. Yum!


I met a friend at the plant nursery and wanted every single indoor and outdoor planter, stuffed to the brim with greenery. Finished off with lunch under the heat lamps feeling very thankful for some blue sky.