Friday Reflections – Nov 3

Happy Friday friends! I’m ready for a cup of tea (or hot cocoa) and a cookie to send this week off in style. It is currently snowing here, which makes for a cozy night at home. Here are a few snapshots of what I’ve been up to lately. I also updated my website to so you will see lots of new features coming soon! I am ending this week tired but happy and I hope the same is true for you.

Made another batch of granola. This week’s recipe is from Smitten Kitchen but each week I seem to make a different one.
Aladdin was the absolute best
In the Halloween spirit
Trick or Treat
Working on a cookie recipe
Give me all the toffee

Friday Reflections – June 30

I know most of you have been on summer break for weeks now, but we just started ours and it has been so nice! I’m always a bit nervous before summer starts but we are having a great time so far.  Fingers crossed it continues.

I hope you all enjoy the long weekend with family and friends and of course some tasty food to go along with it.


Pretty blue sky for the last day of school.
Summer’s sandwich
Nevada is a great place to dry off from Field Day.
I just never get tired of roses. Ever.
Car Show was a hit, especially the police cars and fire trucks.
Bring out the crafts – its summer!

Friday Reflections – June 16

I hope the week treated you all well! I am finishing out this week with some thoughts on the huge role that my husband fills in our family. I am so darn thankful and I hope that Father’s Day isn’t the only day he knows it.

Besides having the job, Mike keeps our family moving forward in the right direction. He takes care of each of us in different ways and makes sure that we stay close throughout all the soccer practices and school projects. He makes us laugh and gets out the chips when we are all getting too serious. He plans the vacations, manages the finances and keeps the lawn mowed. It really is incredible. He handles the bedtime routine (thank goodness!) and takes time every evening with each child. Have I mentioned that he gets up and makes the coffee every morning? Angelic.

But I fear I don’t say it enough, how much I appreciate his tenderness and strength, his presence in all the big and small things that go into building a family.

My husband and I each grew up in a home with a loving, engaged father and I am so glad that our children are getting the same.

Below are a few pictures from the last couple weeks. Cheers!

My favorite three boys at the Natural History Museum of LA back in February.
Bake sale goodies!
This local theater lets you bring beer into the auditorium and sells gigantic cookies.
I’ve been in a pizza rut but this new rolling pin helps.
Scored one with the 7 year old soccer team.