Friday Reflections – May 5

I wanted to pop in and show you what I’ve been up to the last couple weeks.

Baking, baking and baking!


JP looked at his cake last weekend and said “oh wow it’s perfect” and then proceeded to dump sprinkles all over it. Ha! Yes, I would say that now it definitely is perfect.


The cheesecake for my husband’s birthday was a little battered by the time this picture was taken, but boy was it good. When making it, I totally forgot to set the timer when cooling it in the water bath so it sat longer than it should’ve but it still turned out nice, dense and creamy. I added a sour cream topping this year and will do it again next time.


It never fails that rice krispy treats are requested for the class treat on their birthdays. I always say yes because that means I get to eat all the little scraps left on the spoon.


This last dessert is a new one we’ve added to the repertoire.  JP requested pavlova for his dessert on the day of his birthday (see how we overdo it!) and I was excited to make it again. It is a surprisingly easy treat that melts in your mouth like cotton candy (but without the blue lips). I made individual ones this time instead of one large one and liked it better that way. I like mine topped with whipped cream and strawberries but JP gobbled his up unadorned.

That’s it! Happy Friday and I hope your week has been filled with a little something sweet, just like mine.

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