Friday Reflections – March 24

Spring finally arrived and we are so excited! Today my little guy turns 7 years old and my heart is bursting with love and pride. I hope you have had a wonderful week and have been able to slow down and appreciate the small joys that every day life brings as well.

Happy Friday Friends!

The wooden eggs my children and I painted with friends and they are right in the middle of the table to remind me that Spring is here!


Spring soccer has begun! Bring on the mud.
I finally picked up the March cookbook club book and boy is it amazing. Hoping I have the time to make a few of these gems – mainly the pistachio cream and banana bites. Yum!
Finished all the marshmallow fondant for the birthday boy’s cake. Fingers crossed it will be as good as the picture I found on the internet. Ha!


This is all that is left of the play date party we had at the park. I just love seeing all the handmade cards, they just melt my heart.

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