Friday Reflections – March 17

Each week has its share of small joys sprinkled in among the dishes and struggles. I thought I’d share some of mine and would love to hear about yours. Happy Friday Friends!


Kai was invited to his first roller skating party and had such a fun time flying around the rink.


JP came to the grocery store with me after school and was so helpful. He also decided he wanted to try a red pepper. Celebrate the small victories friends!


We had a fun play date painting wooden eggs. My friend and I decided to take after the children and just Mix it up, use LOTS of gold and everything will be ok.


Pecan tassies always remind me of mini pecan pies, which is my absolute favorite pie. I’ve been wanting to make them and realized that Pi Day would be the perfect time. I love the cream cheese crust and the nutty caramel filling. Yum!


I met a friend at the plant nursery and wanted every single indoor and outdoor planter, stuffed to the brim with greenery. Finished off with lunch under the heat lamps feeling very thankful for some blue sky.

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