Favorite Food-Related Memoirs

I grew up in a family of readers, where you could almost always find someone with their nose in a book on a lazy Sunday afternoon. So in first grade when I started painfully sounding out each simple word, it felt like such a big accomplishment.  I felt included into a secret world and could now join in on the family past time. Recently, my 5 year old has joined his older brother and has also started reading. I see the same pride in him that I felt. Last week, while rubbing his eyes and yawning, he told me that he woke up early so that he could read one of the books that was laying by his bed. I totally get it.

I still love to read and always have a book or two on hand that I’m working my way through. My favorite books are food related memoirs.  After reading one, I feel like I’ve met a new friend, and am inspired with a whole new set of recipes that I want to devour. It’s a cross between a cookbook and a memoir, which is a win-win to me. So if you’re looking to dive into something new, here are my favorites.

Delancey: a Man,  a Woman,  a Restaurant,  a Marriage” by Molly Wizenburg

Tender at the Bone: Growing Up at the Table” by Ruth Reichl

Stir: My Broken Brain and the Meals that Brought Me Home” by Jessica Fechter

Hope you get a chance to cuddle up with a good book this weekend and let me know what you’re reading. Enjoy!



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