Food Projects this Week

As we know already, I’m the type of person who plans ahead when it comes to food. I thought it might be fun to share some of my weekly plan with you, as well as any other interesting tidbits that I’m thinking about.

  • It’s strawberry season and as much as I would love to say that I’m going to can 12 jars of jam, making (and eating!) this roasted strawberry crumble is way more likely. I made this for dessert and oh man, it was tasty.
  • Our family can eat through a mountain of pitas so I’ll be making them again and sharing the recipe with you soon.
  • We’re in a bit of a breakfast rut, so I bought English muffins to make sandwiches with Canadian bacon, egg, and cheese. Is it breakfast yet??
  • We haven’t been ones to make our children try a bite when it comes to food and have always given them the choice to try or not. Yet, I’m feeling impatient in regards to vegetables as it is 98% “no” and am thinking of offering $0.25 per taste to sweeten the pot a bit. Thoughts?

What’s on your plate this week?



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