A Return

Does anyone else wait 4 years in between posts? I do feel quite embarrassed but I guess I had some thinking to do. What is this blog even about and why am I writing it? Probably should have done that hard thinking 4 years ago, but alas – here I am. I realized that I want to write about food and more specifically, the recipes that I make for me.

Egg Noodles


Cooking is practical (everyone has to eat) but it is also my creative outlet. I like cooking, especially new recipes. A couple times a month, I pick a recipe to make solely because I want to eat it. It has nothing to do with whether I have the ingredients in the pantry or if the kids will like it (though both are a bonus). It is cooking out of passion and a desire to EAT.

Cream puffs with Lemon Curd



So let’s try this again and I promise it won’t be four years unit you hear from me again.




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